Derek Eason- Owner/Head Coach

-CrossFit Level 1
-CrossFit Level 2

I started CrossFit on my own in my strength training class junior year of high school. Stopped listening to the teacher’s back/biceps, chest/triceps program and tried to figure out the CrossFit movements as best I could. The following summer I created my own garage gym and got truly addicted to CrossFit.

Favorite Movement to Teach:
Definitely squats. It is awesome to take a person that has never even seen a squat before and get them into the proper positions. Sometimes it’s simple and easy, sometimes it’s difficult and takes time, but everybody can eventually get an awesome squat.

What Do I love most about Coaching:
What I enjoy most about coaching is seeing people grow as athletes. People start timid and inexperienced and then turn into badasses with the barbell, on the pull-up bar, or completing any other tasks and obstacles we throw at them. They gain confidence and grace with moving their bodies and objects and it is fulfilling to be a part of that transformation.

Athletic Background:
Skateboarding as a punk teenager and then CrossFit, no high school sports for me.

Competition Background:
2014 CrossFit Games Open Northwest Region: 87th place
2014 CrossFit Games Northwest Regional: As a member on Team CrossFit Train 14th place

Favorite Movement:
Clean and Jerk: Power Cleans, Cleans, Jerks.

Favorite WOD:
Anything with a name from Girls and Heroes, they feel official and I like it.

Least Favorite Movement:
Snatch, I love the movement and enjoy it, but I dislike my abilities to do it heavily.

Least Favorite WOD:
CrossFit Train Birthday WODs, any and all of them. If you go to Train you will understand.

Favorite CrossFit Athlete:
It changes every year and every competition, but I am definitely standing behind my boy Rich Froning. He is on another level.

Favorite Cheat Meal:

What I like to do besides CrossFit:
Hanging out with my family and fishing.

Caitlin Brennan: Coach

-BS in Kinesiology; Concentration in Physical Education (Sacramento State University)
-MS in Exercise and Sport Science; Physical Education Teacher Education (OSU)
-Adapted Physical Education K-12 Certification/Endorsement
-Crossfit L1 Certification
-Crossfit Kids Certification

Current Occupation

Physical Education Teacher at Linus Pauling Middle School (Corvallis, OR)

Athletic Background
Middle School: Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and Track
High School: Soccer, Softball, and Track
Competitive Soccer for 15 years
ODP Selection Camp experience
Collegiate Rowing for 4 years at Sacramento State
Pennsylvania Athletic Club Rowing (2 years)
US Rowing Junior National Team Selection Camp

Favorite Cheat Meal

Favorite WOD
Hero WODs

Least Favorite Movement
Running :)

Free Time
I don’t have much free time, but when I do, I really enjoy trashy Reality TV, and going out to eat.

Favorite Crossfit Athlete
Pat Sherwood

Favorite Movement to teach
Rowing; mainly for “Ah-Ha” moment that most athletes experience after breaking down the stroke.

Sean Mackey: Coach

-In progress, BS in Exercise and Sports Science (Oregon State University)
-Crossfit L1 Certification
-Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Certification

Athletic Background:
I played football and golf while in High School, after graduating High School I enlisted in the military where I maintained a high level of fitness.

How I Started Crossfit:
I was living with a friend of mine for the summer in Pennsylvania before making my move out here to Oregon to start school in the Fall of 2012. I knew about CrossFit for a few years at this point but never been around a box, nor making the switch to doing it alone in my garage since I felt like I was already pretty “fit” doing what I was doing. After WODing in this small box in PA for a couple of weeks it was time for me to move out west and I had already found Train online and sent Brooke an email. She responded telling me to come on by for my first WOD, little did I know at this point but she responded just days after having her son, Dash. I remember showing up to the house and everyone was hanging out in the driveway before warming up and walking over there, I got my ass kicked that WOD and knew that Train was the place for me and I haven’t looked back since.

Favorite Cheat Meal:
What’s a cheat meal? I guess I’d have to say pizza! Which I enjoy every Sunday with Coach Derek.

Favorite WOD:

Least Favorite Movement:
While I’ve made some big strides with this movement, it still has to be double unders.

Favorite Crossfit Athlete:
Gotta go with Julie Foucher

Favorite Movement to Teach:
The Olympic Lifts, as they are very difficult and take lots of work and reps, but when someone finally hits that lift just right and they know it, its a pretty cool thing.

What I love most about coaching:
It is hard to just pinpoint one certain thing I love most about coaching. Train has such a community where we all know each other and care about each and every milestone everyone hits, it is a very special thing. I love that every time I show up to class whether it is to coach, workout, or hangout everyone is there with an amazing attitude ready to work out and become better! I love getting to see athletes from day one grow and just get more and more badass each day, the progress everyone makes just astounds me and I’m glad I get to help them with it. Finally, one thing I feel that happens to every athlete is when that one cue finally makes sense. It either clicks that day or they just need to hear it said a different way and it helps them fix something they have been working so hard on and you just seem them light up...that’s a pretty awesome thing to see happen.

Cassie Finer:

-Crossfit L1 Certification
-Currently working on her PhD in Applied Economics at OSU

Athletic Background: 
I ski raced competitively through high school. After quitting I had a hard time finding an athletic pursuit that kept my interest... I did yoga, ran a few half marathons, road biked a ton, but didn't find anything that I felt really challenged me like skiing did.

How I Started Crossfit:
My brother started Crossfit a few years before me and eventually started coaching. I saw how much he loved it, and curiosity got the best of me. When I finally decided to start there was no looking back. I love how Crossfit is always challenging but also always offering up ways to measure how much I've improved. It's addicting.

Favorite Cheat Meal: 
French fries! Or tots.

Favorite WOD:
Anything heavy.

Least Favorite Movement:
Hmmm..... that's not a hard one. BURPEES.

Favorite Crossfit Athlete:
Besides Danny Broflex?? Lindsey Valenzuela

Favorite thing about coaching?
I love learning. And coaching feels like a constant learning opportunity. Every class and each athlete are a chance for me to push myself to be a better teacher. 

Favorite thing about CrossFit Train?
I was so nervous about leaving my gym in Colorado, but I immediately felt welcome at Train. Its such a supportive group and very inclusive to new members. 

Jenna Robinson

- BS Nutrition and General Science (Oregon State University) 

- CrossFit L1 Certification 


Athletic Background: 

I did swimming, cheerleading, and track and field in High School. After high school I didn’t do anything until I started doing CrossFit in 2013. 


How I started CrossFit? 

My mom does CrossFit and is a total badass, I went to workout with her one time after some convincing and I got crushed! I had never had my butt handed to me like that before! It took me a while to find a CrossFit gym in Corvallis but once I started I never looked back. I made some huge improvements those first couple of month but when I switched to Train, my improvements went through the roof! The team at Train changed everything about fitness for me and the community keeps me coming back!  


Favorite Movements: 

Snatches, Jerks, Overhead Squats, and Rowing 


Favorite WOD: 

Hands down is Grace! 


Least Favorite Movement: 

Push ups 


Favorite CrossFit Athlete: 

Dan Bailey or Rory Zambard 


Favorite thing about coaching? 

Seeing someone progress from day one where they couldn’t do a movement properly to when it finally clicks! Being able to help people learn new things is completely rewarding. 


Favorite thing about CrossFit Train? 

The people! I love feeling like I get to come hang out with my friends and really great people every time I step into the box! Even if its ridiculously early in the morning, every single time it’s worth it.