Holiday Party!!!
Friday at Dave and Heidi's
Starts at 6pm, Potluck style!
Bring an awesome dish and come party with all your CrossFit Train friends!!!

WOD:   12/16/15

Deadlift 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Total load is score (add up all six barbell loads)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
20 box jumps, 24/20-inch box
10 handstand push-ups


Grips: they are worth it!

By Derek Eason

     Over the course of my adventures with CrossFit I have torn my hands open on far too many occasions and although it was an inconvenience and rather uncomfortable/painful I just took it as a given. I said to myself “It’s CrossFit, it happens.” But a bloody hole in your palm or a ripped open callus in the crevice of your finger is not CrossFit. Once I finally tried on a good pair of grips, I saw the light and will never turn away from their protection again.
Grips work and they are worth it without a doubt. You won’t lose your ability to pull-up without them, and your hands will not look like they have been through a wood chipper. There are three main options for grips, which each have pros and cons:

1. Making your own (
The cheapest way in the short run to have quality palm protection, it may take a couple tries to make a working pair, but all it takes is some athletic tape. The biggest con of this route is that they fall apart very easily and are unlikely to make it through multiple hard workouts let alone one.

2. Natural Grips (
Very similar to making them from athletic tape, but a good bit more durable. These guys won’t cost you too much but definitely don’t last forever. You also must re-tape them on your hands each use.

3. Gymnastic Grips (
Made from leather rather than tape these grips will provide the most protection and will last by far the longest. The only cons would be cost and the wrist straps can dig into and bruise/cut your wrists a bit under intense use.

     The grips which I own are Rouge brand and size small. I would recommend these over anything else and for me personally they feel great. I can’t tell the difference between my bare hand and my hands with the grips, it feels great on the pull-up bar. They cost be a little over twenty dollars and the holes in my hands they have saved me and the fitness they have gave me are priceless! If I am at the box and you would like to give them a try, if I am not using them I would love to let you test them out (although they might be a little sweaty).