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Personal Training:

One-on-one personalized strength training, individualized skill practice, alongside customized workouts. With a one-hour long personal training session you will receive 1-on-1 private training encompassing everything you want. Whether it be lifting, skill practice, or something else, the workouts will be catered to your individual fitness needs.

Whether you are looking for pure strength training, want help working on complex Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastics movements, need guidance with longer distance cardiovascular work to help build your engine, or anything else in between, we can help.

The benefits to this program:

One-on-One, Coach-to-Client, interaction. An efficient and effective fitness packed hour.

Specialized and Individualized Programming made just for you.

Training sessions are Tailored to your Schedule.

*To help you follow the path, we will begin with a free consultation that will allow us to work together to set your goals and when those goals are going to be met.

Individual Program Design:

As a supplement to CrossFit Classes, individualized programming can help you to dial in on specific goals. For example, increase your snatch max, get your first pull-up, or work on pacing in longer workouts. Just to name a few directions your programming could take.

With Individual Programming you will be in direct contact with your coach about your workouts. You can text or email your coach to address any questions, changes, or issues you may have. With this individualized option you can send in videos of yourself performing exercises to allow us to provide you with cues and feedback to help you improve.

Individual Program Design can be used in conjunction with Personal Training, you could schedule training sessions to supplement your personalized programming and get extra one-on-one guidance and coaching.

*There will be a free consultation to begin the process for designing your specific program. During the consultation we will be able to talk and determine goals to figure out what type of program will be best suited for you.