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1 on 1 Crossfit

If the class atmosphere just isn't for you or if you would like more personalized coaching and workouts then give 1 on 1 CrossFit a try. One coach to one athlete, we are focused solely on you and improving your health and fitness!

Getting Started with the On Ramp

If you are new to CrossFit the "On Ramp" will teach you all that you need to know to be ready for CrossFit Classes. the On Ramp consists of 3 one-hour sessions where you will learn all the foundational movements of CrossFit and be put through a WOD!


1 on 1 Skill development

Muscle-ups, Double-unders, Handstand push-ups, Snatches, all of these movements are very hard to master. We are here to help with the process. With 1 on 1 skill development we can help to work towards acheiving and bettering these more challenging movements in a personal coaching environment. 

Personal Programming

Are you looking for some extra work outside of the regular class WODs? Are there specific skills or strength numbers that you would like to work towards? With personal programming we can give you addition work to complement what you already get daily at CrossFit Train.