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Corvallis Fit Kids Program

Corvallis Fit Kids is a program run by Coach Swartz of Iron Beaver Weightlifting. The CFK program is designed to teach children and teens about health and fitness and to introduce them to resistance training along with plyometrics, coordination, agility, and conditioning exercises as well as other forms of exercise.

Each week the CFK program will expose our members to structured exercises that are designed to challenge each participant at their current fitness level and age. Along with having each of our young members learning exercises and growing stronger we will also introduce them to different games and healthy habits, such as healthy diet, water intake and recovery methods for after exercise. The goal of the program is to introduce our members to fitness and a healthy lifestyle and to lay the groundwork of what will be a healthy and active life.


Class Information



Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday at 4:30pm

Tuesday/ Thursday at 6:30pm

*Friday is our FREE trial day for those who would like to try a class



Current ages for the CFK program are 10-18 years of age. We are working on adding a younger group by January, 2018.



There are two different options for pricing

1.      Monthly Membership

The monthly membership is best suited for those members who can attend 9+ classes a month. There is also a reduced rate for additional children with the monthly membership.

2.      Punch Card

The punch card is best suited for those members who can only attend classes on a limited basis.


If you would like to sign your child/ children up for these classes please contact Coach Swartz at


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