WOD:   11/13/15

Every Day Warrior Workout #2

20 Min. AMRAP
21/14 Calorie Row (RX: Damper Setting= 10/8)
7 OHS (RX: 115/75)(Masters, Scaled, Teen: 75/55)
21 Double Unders (Masters, Scaled: 63 singles)

*If you are not signed up for Everyday Warrior, you will be running 200m instead of Rowing!!!

Rower must be reset between each round. RX and Teen divisions are required to perform double-unders, Masters and Scaled may substitute single-unders in a 3:1 ratio. Whether you choose singles or doubles, you must use that variation throughout the entire workout. Barbell must start on the ground, no racks permitted.
Score is total reps completed. (If youโ€™ve performed single-unders, make sure to divide your total number completed by 3.)

There is still time to sign up for Everyday Warrior!!!

It seems a number of competitors either forgot or had issues submitting their scores for the first week of the Battle Series. For these reasons we are extending the score submission period for workout #1 by one week and the new deadline is November 15th at 11:59pm PST. If you've already submitted your score and wish to redo the workout, you can also resubmit your score during this period. Score submission for workout #2 will be open throughout this period as well.

Due to the fact scoring for workout #1 will be open for an additional week, the competition registration deadline has also been extended to November 15th at 11:59pm PST. If you know any athletes who missed the deadline, please help spread the word.

Workout, Description, Video, and Announcement from https://www.everyday-warrior.org/