We are in the new space!!!
We will be using the side door as the entrance for now.
Please do not park in front of the offices.
You may park along the side of the building, in the gravel lot, or over where we used to park.


Three rounds, each for time of:

50 calorie row
15 handstand push-ups
50 double-unders

Rest 2+ minutes between rounds

Nutrition Challenge Details

The nutrition challenge is all about you vs you! We are going to establish some good eating habits by starting with real foods. The basis of this nutrition challenge is the food you will be eating. For this challenge we will be using a paleo archetype with a few modification. We have found that this is a great place to start for individuals looking to make a big impact on their nutrition as promotes eating real food, removes common allergens, and fuels athletic performance.

The program has 2 options: 3 month challenge and 1 month challenge. We hope that you will join us for the 3 month challenge as it will get you the best results but we understand that is big commitment. You can sign up for the 1 month and choose to extend if you want to keep playing! You will earn points for your good behaviors and lose money/points for your poor choices. The program will get less strict as it progresses.

There will be a scoring system to determine a winner but we really want to the focus to be on you creating good sustainable habits that you will keep after the challenge is over. Each week you will receive a lesson about a relevant topic and then a mini-challenge for the week.

Here are the details!

  •  You will be assigned a Coach to help you. You will have access to their email and phone number for questions and concerns at any time. We are here to help you! If you are at the grocery store and you are stuck give shoot us a text and we can help you out.

    Coach Jenna
    Coach Rebecka
    Coach Cassie

  • Food logs:

  • You will be required to log everything you eat and the approximate proportions
  • You may log your good however you want as long as it is written down and can be shared with your coach (Google Doc, Notebook, Picture, Email). Your coach will review your food log and help you make improvements/changes
  • We suggest that when you can for the first couple of weeks, you measure with measuring cups or weighing. This is just until you can eyeball what a portion size looks like.
  • Body Measurements: We want to measure your progress through your body composition changes, we have a few different options. The most accurate method available is Bod Pod, there is one at OSU and it costs $35 for OSU affiliates and $40 for non-OSU affiliates. Skin calipers/fold can be done for $10 OSU affiliate or $15 non-OSU affiliate. The next option is to do tape measurements with a coach at the gym, this will be less accurate but sufficient for measuring progress. This will need to be done before and after the challenge.

  • Treat meals: During months where you are allowed treat meals, this may be anything that you want for a meal or snack. If you treat yourself beyond your allowed amount of treat meals then you lose $5 dollars. This $5 dollars will go toward the prize at the end! If you cheat a second time that month you will lose $10 and the third cheat is $20 dollars.

  • Scoring system: Each day there will be a total of 25 points available for you to earn through your clean eating. If you eat 5 meals/snacks per day it will be 5 points per meal you eat clean. If you cheat you will earn 0 points for that meal. Any alcohol with earn you 0 points for that meal even if the rest of it is clean.

Month 1: July 15

  • Strict paleo: This will mean not cheat meals will be allowed during this month without a penalty

  • This means no alcohol, grains, legumes (peanuts and beans), dairy
  • Exceptions: 1 Post Workout Shake 
  • Food logs:

  • Week 1 and 2 will be due overnight by midnight to your coach
    Week 3 and 4 will be due at the end of the week

Month 2: August 15

  • Paleo + Post workout starches allowed 1 Treat Meal per week

    You may add white rice/white potatoes to your post workout meal: If you workout in the morning then that might be breakfast, if you are nooner that might be lunch, or evening dinner or it could be your snack following your workout. Post workout shakes are also allowed.

  • Treat Meal: You are allowed to have 1 free treat meal/snack per week. You may not save your treat meals, allowed 1 per week.
  • Food Log: This month you will check in with your coach 1x per week with your coach to talk about your food log. You may send it in the format that works best for you.

Month 3: September 15

  • Paleo + Post workout starches with up to 3 treat meals per week and 1-2 drinks per week allowed

  • The same rules apply for starches during month 3, post workout rice/white potatoes are allowed and post workout shakes are allowed.
    • Food Log: You will check in as needed with your coach with your food log, your coach can ask you for it as well to make sure you are still doing it. If you stop logging your food, then you won’t earn any points for you food.

    • Don’t hesitate to contact Cassie or I if you have any questions about the logistics of this challenge! I can’t wait to get started! The sign up with go up this week and the seminar dates will be announced soon!

    • Written by Coach Jenna