10 minutes to Work up to a Heavy Power Clean

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
115/75-lb. power cleans
One-legged squats, right leg
One-legged squats, left leg

All the participants of last years Olympic lifting meet, looks like they had fun!!!

All the participants of last years Olympic lifting meet, looks like they had fun!!!

Olympic Lifting Meet! 

Get excited people... because on Saturday August 8th Crossfit Train will be hosting our SECOND in-house Olympic Weightlifting Meet! 

What exactly is an Oly Meet? 

In the meet individual athletes will compete for the highest single snatch and clean and jerk. Each athlete will get three attempts at the snatch and then three attempts at the clean and jerk.

We will divide our lifters into a women's heat and a men's heat. In a traditional meet lifters are also divided into weight classes, but we will use the Sinclair Total (http://www.iwf.net/weightlifting_/sinclair-coefficient/) which scales your lift based on some extra fancy math so that all lifters, regardless of weight, are on the same playing field.

Want to compete? Great! Keep and eye out in the box for a sign-up sheet! Spaces will be limited to 20 female and 20 male lifters so don't dilly dally. Super snazzy spectacular prizes will be awarded to the top three female and top three male lifters!

Want to come cheer your fellow Train Oly lifters? Awesome! All spectators are 100% welcome and encouraged! Successful snatches are even better when your grandma/brother/mom/boyfriend/neighbor/etc is there cheering for you! 

This will be a perfect opportunity to test your ability in the olympic lifts and hang out with your Train family, so mark the date! 

More details on meet structure and rules will be sent out by email to those who sign up. 

Email Cassie (finer.cassie@gmail.com) with any questions!

Written by Cassie Finer