WOD:   9/28/15

Establish a 1RM Push Press

Five rounds for load and time of:
15 Handstand Push-ups
5 Deadlifts



Nutrition Myths to Forget Forever
(taken from PurePharma)

While you’re further journeying into muscle building territory and learning all sorts of cool things, there are other things that you’ll want to toss out the window and never think of again.

Myth #1: The earlier in the day you eat sweets, the better, because you give your body more time to burn it all off.

FALSE! Put down the brownie. Put it down, now. Loading up on sugar right after you wake up sets the tone for your whole day and not in a good way. Your blood sugar will spike, and you’ll have enough energy to go run with the bulls in Pamplona. And then you’ll crash. Hard. To complement your out-of-the-blue fatigue, throw in cravings, moodiness and headaches. Sound like fun? No.

Myth #2: Fats are the enemy.

I’m ashamed to admit that I, like many others, was once a passenger on the low-fat/no-fat train. Boy, have we been wrong. I’m not telling you to go eat a Snickers. I’m talking about the fat that comes on your delicious, organic, grass-fed meat; coconut oil; and raw, amazing, raw, raw, raw cow’s milk. Healthy fats are essential for a solid body and mind. Among several other benefits, they lower the bad cholesterol and up the good kind, strengthen your immune system, keep your brain sharp and even help improve your mood (2).

Myth #3: Athletes, Beware! Too much protein will make you sick.

No. Athletes — know that the standards of appropriate protein consumption have been set for the average American, who works long hours sitting at a desk. One of the concerns about consuming too much protein arises from the fact that for a more sedentary person, too much protein is like eating too much of pretty much anything and it can lead to weight gain. This is not a concern for you. As far as research into protein overconsumption by athletes goes, there is still little to no evidence of it causing dangerous side effects (3).

Myth #4: Everybody should be drinking a gallon of water a day.

This is a good one. I drank a gallon of water a day for a few weeks before I gave up. I guess I got sick of running to the bathroom all day.

Yes, we should drink plenty of water. Yes, a lot of us walk around dehydrated and we don’t even realize it! However, my coach recently dropped a knowledge bomb on me and explained that it isn’t necessarily how much water you drink, but what’s in it. Check out trace minerals. You can buy them in liquid form and add a few drops to your bottle. This is a great way to give your body what it needs without gorging yourself on a trough full of water.

All of the rules can be overwhelming. Just remember not to be afraid to try new things and see what your body likes best; nourish yourself after strenuous activity; and start your day off on a good note by avoiding the sugar.

Source: http://www.purepharma.com/us_en/blog/diet-for-building-muscle/

Brought to us by Caitlin Brennan

Don't believe the myths, get strong like Josh.

Don't believe the myths, get strong like Josh.