WOD:   9/9/15

Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps at 90%

For time:
53/35 kettlebell swings, 75 reps
Run 1 mile
53/35 kettlebell swings, 75 reps


As another school/work year approaches, I always find myself in a state of reflection.

It’s really easy in life to get caught up in the daily craziness. CrossFit is the same way. We get focused on progress and on PRs. We focus on weights and times and what not to eat. We have bad days and we get frustrated. We get caught up in it all.

3 years ago, I came to Crossfit Train looking for a place to work out and get “back in shape”. What I found was so much more. I found my passion in the walls of a tiny garage filled with gym equipment. I found much more than a workout; I found determination, motivation, and maybe most importantly, friendship and life.

Why do we Crossfit? Why has it become such an integral part of our lives? Such a routine part of our day? I don’t walk through the doors every day hoping to PR every time. I am not in constant search of lifting more weight or getting faster times. Of course I want to improve, but it’s about improving myself. It’s about the commitment to becoming better. It has become a relationship, as crazy as that sounds, and in relationships there are good days and bad days; there is closeness and there is frustration. I show up to the gym everyday not to beat everyone in the class or be the one to lift the most weight. I show up to the gym every day to be strong and enjoy life.  Some of you show up to be able to chase your kids through the park, and to wrestle them in the living room. Maybe you want to be able to enjoy long hikes, or bike rides, or surfing lessons! Maybe you just want to be able to hang at a party….. It’s not about perfection; it’s about life.

CrossFit is about the fitness, the fun, and the friendship!!!

CrossFit is about the fitness, the fun, and the friendship!!!

Written by Caitlin Brennan

Workout Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.