WOD:   10/13/16

For time:
80-64-50-32-16-8 reps, Squat
40-32-25-16-8-4 reps, Kettlebell swing, 53/35-lbs. 
20-16-12-8-4-2 reps, Pull-ups





CrossFit Wins!

Has anybody been paying close attention to the legal battles CrossFit often finds itself getting thrown into? I pay some attention time to time and just recently there has been some very exciting news! The NSCA (National Sports and Conditioning Association) has been claiming that CrossFit has been causing a whole mess of injuries to people. These claims the NSCA have stated are false, they are trying to defame the name of CrossFit. Due to CrossFit’s massive growth in the past years people have been disassociating themselves with all things NSCA. Of course the NSCA isn’t a very big fan of losing all that money so they are trying to do what they can, even if it’s dirty, to get that money back. Long story short there was a very large legal battle that went to the US district court for the Southern District of California where the court ruled the publishing’s to be false.


This link here will take you to an online news website that gets much more in depth on how this court case was settled, the outcomes of this case and what it means for CrossFit. I strongly urge any of you who are interested to learn more about CrossFit in the sense of a business to read this. Or if you have heard about the legal issues CrossFit has faced, this is a fantastic article to read that will show you exactly what Coach Glassman is trying to do, not only for his business which is CrossFit, but also for the people as a whole. 

--Austin Gray