Halloween Party Friday at 7pm!

Dress up, bring some food and drinks, LETS PARTY!!!


WOD:   10/25/16

Complete as many rounds as you can in twenty minutes of:
Run 400 meters
21 Turkish Get-ups

Score is load and rounds.




I know we lecture about writing in your journals every week but we do it for a reason.  The first reason is that writing your workouts in your journal will help you learn and quickly understand the Crossfit lingo that we use everyday. This is especially important for the new members that are trying to memorize all the movements.

The next reason is so that you know what your one rep maxes are and how you did on certain workouts. This also helps us as coaches to know what you have done and to see where we might need to scale movements for you or try new movements to help you reach your goals.

Also keep a journal will help you track progress as you go along. Sometimes we feel like we have hit a slump and think we haven’t made any progress. That’s the beauty of the journal we can always look back and see how much we have improved. I have had to look back many times just to remind myself that I’m getting better and I need to keep going.

Your journal also can give you great feedback of why you haven’t reached your goals yet. You may see a pattern about your workouts or how often you take rest days. Seeing these patterns can help you change up your training and really help you reach your goals.

--Jesse Gunnell

  • Keep your journals and write down everything trust me it helps.