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WOD:   2/22/16

20 minute AMRAP of:
Run 400m
2 Rope Climbs

*Increase number of climbs by 2 each round.


You all have been hearing us talk a lot about the open (you are probably already sick of the open and it hasn't even started yet), but it's because all the coaches at Train love the open so much! 

You have probably heard the basics about the open but do you know why it's called the open? That's because it's open to everyone! There is a scaled division that makes it possible for even more people to submit a score than ever before. The heart of the open is in the community and not in making it to the CrossFit games. Each year I have participated, the support and love I received from the community was so much more than I could have expected.

If this is your first open you might be wondering how to get ready. My biggest advice for the open is practice the fundamentals! Things you can absolutely expect to see in the open wallballs, thrusters, squats of all kinds, pull ups, chest to bar pulls ups, BURPEES, muscles ups, pushups, deadlifts, burpees over the bar, box jumps, and double unders. Don't fret if you see a movement you can't do yet, you still have time to practice. Also, the scaled division won't have muscle ups but it will absolutely have burpees and thrusters. 

You can check out all the past workouts (2011 forward) on the games site at The scaled division is only in its 2nd year. 

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Written by Jenna Robinson