WOD:   7/20/16

EMOTM for 15 Minutes:
Front Squat, 2 reps


9-15-21 reps for time of:
Front Squat 185/135
Handstand Push-up




     How do you track your growth? Are all these burpees worth it? Crossfit is repeatable. Crossfit is measurable.  Many of us have a journal and we store it at the box.  We do this because we care about our growth.  We do this because we are every day functional athletes. We record our workouts, lifts, modifications, and PRs.  For me, there was a time when searching my journal became a hassle, at times – just finding my journal was a pain. I liked to take it home and that was bad idea.  I turned to our blog and recorded my score daily; but, that too – was not easy to search.  I started recording my benchmark workouts and lifts only.  Then eventually I just kept it all in my head.  Was this me at my best? Certainly not! 

   While I am great at remembering my PRs, I was missing out on having a record of my measurable work.  When you are three years into wodding your heart out, how cool would it be to see your growth patterns? Having a historic record, like Julie Foucher, is pretty rad.  I’ve been a little bummed about not being able to easily track my progress.  That is, until I started using SugarWOD.

     Have you had a chance to try out SugarWOD?  SugarWOD is a free app for individual users to track WODs, PRs, Girls, Heros and more. Like MyWOD, SugarWOD can function as your “electronic” journal.  But unlike other WOD tracking apps, SugarWOD offers boxes the opportunity to create virtual communities by purchasing an affiliate membership.  

     There are many benefits to users if their box has an affiliate membership.  First, the box will enter the WOD each day, allowing users to simply record their scores (rather than having to enter each workout themselves).  Next, is the opportunity to have a “virtual white board” where you can post your scores and see how you measure up to your rabbit.  Another benefit is being to see and comment on your boxmates’ scores.  And forget about simply being able to “like” someone’s score.  SugarWOD lets you show some love with a “fist bump.”  So, if your box is an affiliate member, all you need to do is record you time, reps, maxes, and then fist bump a few bros.

     And right now, we’re in luck.  For a limited time, Crossfit Train has a trial membership with SugarWOD to see if enough of us are interested in using the app to make it worth the money it would cost our box to maintain a membership.

     So, now’s your chance.  SugarWOD is always free to individuals but joining the Crossfit Train SugarWOD community is only available for a limited time.  That is, unless enough of us get into using it.  Download the app for free and give it a try.  If you like it then let a coach know. What are you waiting for

Written by Rebecka Weinsteiger