This Saturday we will be having a Park WOD!!!
Saturday July 30th at 9am meet at Willamette Park, down Goodnight street, instead of at the box for an awesome Park WOD!


(Last minute) Barbell Clinic on the schedule for Thursday July 28th at 6am! Attending the clinic is a pre-requisite for attending Barbell Club. The clinic is an hour and a half long and costs $20. Please email Cassie at if you'd like to join Thursday's clinic.


WOD:   7/26/16

17 minute AMRAP of:
7 Hang Squat Cleans, 135/95
7 Bar Facing Burpees
7 C2B Pull ups


My journal!


Write it down!

Get a journal, use your phone, use sugarWOD, write on the back of your hand. It doesn't matter how, but you need to record your workouts. 

As a newbie at the gym we make it your homework assignment to get yourself a journal. And many of you oblige, however when we check back in with you later in your CrossFit journey or we go through the old journals we find that writing in it hasn't been much of a priority for far too many of you!

Recording every workout that you complete and every heavy weight that you lift is important for three main reasons:

1. Remembering the movements, their names, and how to do them.
This is especially important with newer CrossFitters, but there are far too many veterans who can't show us coaches the difference between a hang power clean and a squat snatch. Writing or typing the movement names down while recording your daily WOD will not only help you to learn the movements, but to remember them and preform them better. If you know what it is you will be better, safer, and stronger at said movement.

2. Having a record of your heaviest weights lifted and your benchmark WOD times and scales.
You have to know your past PR's to get new PRs!!! This is even more important on a day to day basis when it comes to scaling WODs, we need to know how strong you are to know how much weight you should use in any given WOD. 

3. Being able to track and measure your progress.
Recording your daily workouts is the only way to see real measurable improvements. You can look back on a previous WOD and do it again to try and best your old self. If you beat your time or use heavier weights, you got more FIT!

You don't have to have a super cool journal with awesome CrossFit Train stickers on it like me, any medium works. Journaling is a necessity to improving your fitness and bettering yourself!

-Derek Eason