WOD:   9/20/16

Establish a 1RM Shoulder to Overhead

5 minutes of rowing
5 minutes of push presses 115/80-lbs.

*There is no rest between exercises.
*Score is total reps added together.


Todays workout is 2016 CrossFit Team Series Event 3
Check it out here: https://games.crossfit.com/teamseries/#/year/2016/series/1/events/3



It's suppose to be Open Gym not empty gym!!!

It's suppose to be Open Gym not empty gym!!!

Open gym!

I know everyone has their WOD schedule and can only come in at a certain time. That is perfectly ok and keep it up. But I also know that everyone has a weakness or a skill they haven’t yet mastered. This is what open gym is for. As of late I have noticed that when you guys show up for open gym majority just come and do the warm up on the board and just do the work out of the day. I’m not saying this is a bad thing but everyone should try out something new. Think of your own work out to try, look up different programming from other places, work on a few movements that you have been struggling with and if there is a movement you haven’t tried yet and you need some advice or assistance on ask a coach we would be more than happy to help! If you have forgotten when open gym is its Monday through Friday at 8AM and also Friday at 5:30 PM. Show up and put in that extra work and get ready for the open! I know it seems far away but its right around the corner guys! Keep up the hard work and hope to see everyone at open gym!

--Jesse Gunnell