WOD:   10/7/15

Power Snatch 1RM

Five rounds for time of:
205 pound Power clean, 3 reps
10 Burpee pull-ups


 A great man once said: "When your arms bend your power ends.”

Pulling early with your arms in a clean or a snatch is usually caused by a misunderstanding of what your arms are actually doing during the movement. you arms are not pulling the bar higher after your hips have extended. They are pulling you under the bar so that you can catch it in the receiving position. Your arms should just act as straps until you have pulled all the way through your power position and made contact with your hips. At this point  the bar is accelerating upwards and it is weightless for a split second, this is when you use your arms to help pull yourself quickly under the bar and catch it at the bottom of a front squat.

Don't be guilty of this flaw in today's Olympic Lifts!!!

Written by Jacob Hoke