WOD:   10/9/15

3 rounds of:
2 minutes Max Reps at each station:
Rowing for calories
Turkish Get-ups 53/35
Db Box Step ups 45/30 to 24”/20”

*Score is total reps of each.


I really love listening to podcasts! When I heard that Julie Foucher (one of my favorite games athletes) was doing a biweekly podcast I was a little more than excited! She focuses on interviewing interesting people about a variety of heath topics. She has interviewed people like Rich Froning, Matt Chan, and Talayna Fortunato.

My two favorite episodes so far have been with Dr. Michael Canales. He is a foot and ankle surgeon and was Julie Fouchers gymnastics coach. The thing I love most about his second episode is how he talks about practicing excellence in every aspect of his life. This helps him lead a very fulfilling life and also helps him to not get overly busy.

Check out his episodes:




 I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 

Written by Jenna Robinson