Deadlift: 12 minutes to establish a 3RM

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
10 Burpees
25 Double-unders

Workout Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

I don't think Travis was using any Tempo on this lift, he was just thinking "Stand Up!"

I don't think Travis was using any Tempo on this lift, he was just thinking "Stand Up!"

Have you ever seen an exercise written like this Front Squat 31X0? It looks like a crazy code that you have to be a member of the Swedish embassy to crack but it is not! It’s just tempo training. This is common way of training in body building but there are some great aspects that can be applied to CrossFit.

Let’s break down exactly what it means in the context of a back squat with the tempo of 33X1:

1st Number: This represents the eccentric phase or lowering phase of the movement, on a push up it’s on the way to the floor or in a squat it’s on the way down to the bottom position. The 3 represents the number of seconds you should spend in the eccentric phase, like taking 3 seconds to get to the bottom of the squat.

2nd Number: Is the number of seconds you should spend in the isometric phase or at the very bottom position. In a push up this would be the tight position you would hold right before the ground and on a squat it would be the bottom position.

3rd Number: This is the concentric phase in the 33X1 example, it is represented by an X which basically means 0. So the concentric or standing up phase should be as quick as possible.

4th Number: It represents the number of seconds before the next rep starts or a hold at the top of the movement.

So in summation a 33X1 squat contains a 3 second descent, 3 seconds paused at the bottom, standing up as fast as possible, and 1 second before the next rep.

Why might you want to incorporate some tempo training into your workouts? There are few reasons:

  1. It promotes proper movement patterns - you are moving slower so it’s easier for focus on moving right

  2. Helps specific positions get stronger - like the bottom position, if you pause there you might build strength that you would have otherwise missed out on. It requires you to recruit different muscle fiber types when you are coming from a dead stop.

  3. Decrease risk of injury - helps to regulate the intensity of the lift and keep you safer particularly if you are new to lifting.

    Try some tempo lifting out at the next open gym you come to! Happy Lifting!


    Written by Jenna Robinson