There is no longer a Thursday at 7am Barbell Club.
Barbell Club's New Schedule is:
Tuesday at 5:30pm
Saturday at 10:30am


WOD:   1/29/16

Establish a 3RM Front Squat

3 rounds for time of:
185/135-lb. deadlifts, 21 reps
15 pull-ups
185/135-lb. front squats, 9 reps



The Open is right around the corner and it is awesome!  It is hard to explain - but it is all about community! I interviewed just a couple of athletes to find out why they are signing up for the Open.  This is just one of a couple of posts that I will make about the Open.  If you have an Open story to share, find me. - Rebecka W.

Follow this link to get signed up!


Trey Jackson

“Why did I sign up for the Open? I want to compete against my brother who is currently across the country. Sibling rivalry and all.”



Joey Kimdon

“I'm doing the Open because I want to go to Regionals! :-) I've done one Open before (2014). I didn't do 2015 because of my knee surgery.”



Derek Eason

“I have participated in two Opens and pretended to participate in part of another one while in my garage alone :)

I do the Open because I love how official it is. We have our cool athlete profile with stats, judges, and the workouts come directly from CrossFit. Also it is super fun to cheer people on and have everybody feel like an athlete.”



Joey Cusic

“This is my first Open as last year I didn’t feel like I was ready.  I know stupid - but that was the mindset that I had at the time.  I’m doing the Open this year because 1) I want to test myself to see where I’m at and 2) I can’t help but wonder where I am compared to the rest of the community.  I don’t have any delusions of grandeur but am still a competitive to a fault.  Plus, it’s all about the community; it’s another thing that sets us apart from everyone else.  Nobody else does what we do and that’s what is awesome about Crossfit, it’s that chance to measure where you are versus where you were at any given point in your past.”



Rhiannon Downs

“This is my third year doing the Open!  I do the Open because it’s fun to get together with all the athletes, fight together, and support each other.  I love watching everyone test their limits because they are stronger than they think – including myself.  There is no such thing as “not being good enough” for the Open because everyone at Train rocks it!  I encourage everyone to do the Open and help get Train back to regionals!”



Paul Smith

“This will be my 4th Open. A few things about the Open are what make it interesting for me. The first is that it is another way to measure and benchmark your performance to a large group of comparable cross-fitters. The second is that it will, without question, throw you some movements or workouts that help you identify your goats so that you can work on them over the next year. Finally, it is a great atmosphere at the box, bringing some of that competition level of intensity and togetherness to those specific Open WOD’s.”



Jenna Robinson

“I love the Open but I know how intimidating it can seem. Trust me when I say you will be sad you didn't sign up! My fondest memories at Train are from the Open both times I have competed.

The Open is a personal challenge for me! It forces me to ask myself "How has my fitness improved over the year?" It takes courage to take on that challenge but each time I have thrown my hat in the ring the reward has been worth the risk!

Last year the repeat workout had my nemesis in it, chest-to-bar pull ups. I was nervous but I surprised myself when I got 14 chest-to-bars and the first year I did the work out I didn't get any!

That all great but the Open wouldn't be awesome without the community at Train! Everyone cheers until the last person is done and there is just something so motivating when you know your community has your back.

Join me for the Open to challenge yourself!"