Memorial Day Monday May 30th at 9am! (it will be the only class of the day!)

There will be partner scales available!


WOD:   5/26/16

Sumo Deadlift 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1 reps

3 rounds for time of:
40 Double-unders
20 Box Jumps 24"/20"
10 Deadlifts 245/165lbs.



Joey getting upside down during the Chipper!

Joey getting upside down during the Chipper!

Day 3 wrapped up an amazing weekend with a couple of nail-biting workouts!

Event 6: The Chipper

The second to last workout involved a quick Assault Bike ride, 100 feet of Handstand Walking, Heavy 155lb. Overhead Squats, Rowing, a whole mess of burpee box jump OVERS, and another go at a heavy Overhead Squat. It was a lot of stuff and as a result very entertaining!

Hayley was up first and crushed the Assault bike and Handstand walk like a champ. The barbell proved tough, but Hayley got through the Overhead Squats in a couple of sets. Watching all the girls struggle through the OHS was tough, it was very heavy and a lot of the athletes had to break up the 10 reps a lot! Hayley ended up getting through all 50 of her burpee box jump overs by the 16 minute time cap.

Joey was in the last heat with all the big dogs again to start day 3. Joey had no problem with the handstand walk just like Hayley, both of them had great control and it was fun to see them in their element. The Overhead squats were tough for Joey too, but she broke them up into small sets and got them done. After the row Joey killed the burpee box jump overs and ended up catching up with some of the bigger name athletes by the end. Joey ended up finishing the last 5 OHS and the WOD at 15:18.

Hayley with a badass shot of a legless rope climb!

Hayley with a badass shot of a legless rope climb!

Event 7: Legless Fran

It was finally time for the final event of the weekend. This WOD is a hell of a race and a damn good time to watch!

Hayley did amazing in her heat and finished the WOD in 4:58. She paced it just right and destroyed the legless rope climbs no problem. Definitely one of the funnest WODs to watch Hayley in!

Joey was in the final heat and it was a race to say the least! Joey ended the weekend with a time of 4:36, it was an awesome last workout.

Our awesome competitors representing TRAIN!!!

Our awesome competitors representing TRAIN!!!

Overall Joey ended with a 9th place finish and Hayley with 26th place. Both of them performed amazingly in their first go at Regionals. We are all so damn proud of these two, and hope that there will be many more years of Regional appearances to come!