WOD: 08/01/19

“Road Runner”

Tabata Air Squats
Directly into,
800m Run for time.

*Rest as needed.

Tabata Double-unders
Directly into,
800m Run for time.

*Rest as needed.

Tabata Dumbbell Snatch
Directly into,
800m Run for time.

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Are you looking to improve your Olympic Weightlifting technique? Coach Elliott is hosting seminars focusing on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

An entire 2-hour session to focus on one of these lifts, designed for beginners or experienced Crossfiters. By learning (or re-learning) the fundamentals of these movements, you will build a safer and more efficient technique that will greatly improve your efficiency and provide a solid basis for strength development.

Each session will host a small group of people and give you the opportunity to get personalized feedback and advice.

Come join the FUN! Sign-up at the gym or talk to Elliott for more information.



-Saturday   8/3   10 am -12 pm

-Sunday      8/4   10 am -12 pm

Clean and Jerk:

-Saturday  8/10  10 am -12 pm

-Sunday     8/11  10 am -12 pm

Cost: 15$ per 2 hour session.

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