All other classes will remain the same and this only effects this Wednesday!


WOD:   10/14/15

Eastablish a Squat Clean Thruster 1 RM

 9-6-3 Reps for time:
Squat Clean Thruster 155/105
Ring Muscle-up

When and why did you start Crossfit? What made you chose Crossfit Train? My mom started CF with Rob Wolf - back in 2008 or so in Chico. She and I were both pretty involved in triathlon and we were interested in finding some 'strength training' to accompany it. I found a CF trainer here in Corvallis in 2009 and started working out with him in Avery Park. After I completed an Ironman in 2010, I decided to start focusing more on CF training. There was something about CF that really 'clicked' for me. I got my level one and coached and trained for awhile at CF Corvallis. I entered a CF Train spring smasher in spring 2013 and got a taste of Coach Brooke's 'energy' and decided I wanted to check out what CF Train had to offer. I joined CF Train in May or June 2013 and was hooked. I loved the programming, the coaching, and the all around good vibe I felt at CF Train. 

What do you like best about Crossfit and what keeps you coming back for more? Honestly?  It's the gains, bro. ;) Well, to be fair - it's the community as well -- I freakin love my CF peeps. However, there are quite a bit of complex, athletic movements within CF that take years to master. I love the challenge of inching away and gaining strength, improving technique, and essentially just becoming a better mover. To me, strength triumphs in the physical realm. The stronger I can be, the better I can be at everything else that requires physical movement. So long, of course, that I stay a supple leopard, you know?

What is your workout schedule? Well - I used to be totally methodical about this...however, I had a baby six months ago and boy does that throw a wrench in your schedule!?!? Currently - I try to hit up as many PM classes at CF as possible- but if I can't get there - we've built up our home gym nicely - so I can get er' done at home too (although, it's not as fun without my CF Train coaches yelling at me to stop talking ;) We also got a nice jogging stroller - so I've been running a couple times a week with my little one -- I think she digs it!

Describe your most memorable Crossfit moment? Crying during a competition WOD because I got so close to a muscle up. There was so much positive, supportive energy in that room, and while I felt sad that I didn't get it, I think I was overcome with emotion because of all of the encouragement people were putting out. It was pretty awesome.

Do you remember your first workout? Yes, it was a traditional 'on ramp' style workout, 15-12-9 of some push-ups, pull-ups, and squats. I was doing assisted pull-ups and it was in Avery Park. It was short and fun -- but being an endurance junkie (training for long distance triathlons) -- I think I wanted more afterwards. This is common for people that are relatively fit that come into CF. They often want 'more cardio' -- there's a learning curve here with the intensity adaptations and learning that has to take place to take on more load, etc. It takes patience and willingness to try something's not all about 'getting your ass kicked' by every workout.

What type of music to do you like to work out to? What is your favorite work out song? Favorite song? Hands down, Katy Perry's Roar. I'm not even kidding. As far as 'type' of music' for working changes here and there...I work out to a lot of Raffi when at my home gym with my little babe Gracie. ;)

Any advice for anyone thinking about starting Crossfit? Do it. More than once. Give it a good, honest try -- like at least a month. As for CF Train? I've been to A LOT of boxes. Whenever I'm traveling, I'll visit a box. CF Train is truly exceptional. Programming, coaching, and community - CF Train is one of THE best.

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up? More sleep

Where was your last vacation, what took you there? Depends on what you consider a vacation...we go over to Central Oregon a lot because my husband's folks are over there. As far as 'real' vacation -- we went to Hawaii last September. I used to live there and have some family there, and, well - it's Hawaii.

Describe your athletic background: Team sports (mostly softball and soccer) and dance growing up and into college. Started teaching dance and group fitness in college. Got into triathlon in my mid 20s.

Tell us about your family: My awesome hubs - Jordan. We met at CF. I was his coach ;) See, true love happens at CF.
We now have a daughter, Grace who is 6 months old this month. We also have 3 dogs -- Siggy, Lupe, and Jax. Siggy and Lupe are struggling with their weight right now because the puppy, Jax, lets them eat his food. I tell them they really can't let themselves get out of control like this, they've got to get ahold of themselves, it's really sad.

Tell us about your occupation: I teach in the Kinesiology program at OSU (formerly Exercise and Sports Science). I teach mostly physical activity programming for youth, along with movement analysis, and adapted physical activity and assessment. My research interests focus on how we can train physical activity professionals and physical education teachers to best work with, and include, youth with disabilities into their programs. On the side, I also still teach group fitness - like conditioning. I enjoy helping others get their daily dose of exercise.

Tell us about your goalsshort term/long term: I must get my muscle up. I'm nearly back to my pre-pregnancy PRs - so it's time to beat those. As for long term...I want to be like my mom -- she's 70 and continues to CF and she just got 3rd IN THE WORLD for Olympic distance triathlon. My long term goal is to be able to participate in the physical activities that I love when I'm a grandma :)

What do you like to do for fun? Eat pizza and watch movies or trashy television, like the Bachelor. I know we're not supposed to admit those kinds of things - but, I'm just being honest. And, as most of you know, I really like to chat people up...but I also love to people watch and then try and figure out their 'story.' I'm a social scientist at heart. But, most of all, I love to go for walks down at Crystal Lakes park with my husband, daughter, and our doggies.


Interview by Rebecka Weinsteiger