No Classes this Saturday 10/22


WOD:   10/20/16

20 minute AMRAP of:
20 Box jumps 24”/20”
20 Push-ups
20 KB swings 53/35-lbs.
20 Pull-ups
20 Wallballs 20/14-lbs.






CrossFit is all about getting as much work done as fast as possible. With this definition there comes some risks; for example, compromising safe movement patterns to get the reps done quickly.

Here at Train we emphasize how important it is to make sure people are moving well and therefore moving safely. It kills us coaches when we see athletes moving improperly. During the warm-ups or when we break out into lines to drill movements for the day, not only are we doing that to make sure you as athletes know what movements are being performed, but it also allows us coaches to see how everybody moves and if someone is moving incorrectly, we fix them.

Once everyone has shown proficiency with the movement, we move on. The important thing about that is now we know that you can hit the points of performance correctly and safely so when it comes to the workout, we expect you to hit those same points of performance no matter how tired or fatigued you get.

The true point of CrossFit is to increase your fitness level; your level of fitness will not increase if you are not moving the correct way every single rep1


--Austin Gray

Drilling proper movement in the Deadlift before a WOD.

Drilling proper movement in the Deadlift before a WOD.