WOD:   3/30/16

Front squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps   (all sets at 90%)

10 rounds for time of:
205/145-lb. front squats, 5 reps
5 parallette handstand push-ups



The Charter of CrossFit!

It might seem strange for a fitness organization to have a charter but when I learned about CrossFit’s charter it was life changing! I first heard briefly about it when I was interning at Train but when it was talked about at my Level 1 that’s when it hit me how powerful the charter really is!


The CrossFit Charter:

Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity

Short, simple, and sweet but it has a powerful impact! These 3 words build on each other, first mechanics then consistency and finally intensity.

Mechanics is being able to perform a movement with the proper sequence of actions and range of motion. This must happen before anything else because it we cannot perform the core movements safely, we are wasting out time trying to add speed and load to them. This is why we drill movements at the beginning of every class and particularly in depth at 101 with PVC or without weight.

Consistency is being able to have proper mechanics nearly every time you do the movement. It also carries over to being consistent with your workouts, it is easy to overdo it with CrossFit if we are unconditioned but coming the the gym consistency will help tremendously!

Finally, Intensity! This is the fun but it is last for a reason! We want to make sure we can do the core movements of CrossFit correctly a bunch of times before we add speed and load to that. This is the reasoning behind an intro class is that we can introduce these movements safely and give you time to practice them a bunch of times before we ask you to do them in WOD.


Check out more about the charter written by Todd Widman (the person who taught my Level 1 and a super cool human!) here.


Brought to you by Jenna Robinson